Since 2008 Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) have needed to be considered for hard standing areas on Public and Private land.
Surface water needs to drain within your boundaries and not onto public and other private areas.

Planning may be required if this is unavoidable.

Permeable systems can be considered to overcome this. Basically, systems that allow water to pass through them into the ground.

Gravel drive systems, or permeable block drive products (Priora range in Marshall’s blocks can help solve this problem.

There are many gravel and stone products to choose from which we can advise on.

There is also a plastic matting system we recommend be considered (Grid mats . These dramatically reduce substantially the spreading of gravel surfaces once laid and the wearing down of the bases common in old gravel drives etc.

Other surfaces to be considered for foot paths and general light weight traffic is the Cedec gravel systems ( which can be laid at a fraction of the cost of paved and tarmac systems but be durable over time.

There are endless choices, for more information and prices contact us on the details supplied.

Contact Alby Russell for further details or use the Contacts page if this is easier.

Contact Alby Russell on 01494 773928 for further details or email on

Cotswold Drive with Grey Edging
Cotswold Drive with Grey Edging
Cotswold Stone and Granite Stone Edge Work
Cotswold Stone Drive before Construction
Cotswold Gravel Drive with Gridmats
Grid Mats and Turf
Grid Mats and Turf
Grid Mats and Turf
Natural stone paving in gravel areas Heritage Landscapes